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Toyota Prius Lease Returns at Kolar Automotive Group near Superior 54880

If you are looking for a quality Toyota Prius at an affordable price, we have the answer Kolar Automotive Group’s lease return cars for sale. Here at Kolar Automotive Group near {location] 54880, we know that our customers come with a range of budget and financial needs, which is why we strive to offer vehicles at every price point. Make an appointment today to find out more!

If you’ve gotten discouraged by the condition or the year of used vehicle models you’ve seen elsewhere, there is still another avenue you might not have discovered. Toyota model} lease returns from Kolar Automotive Group near Superior 54880 are a great way to get a quality vehicle that still has a lot of life left in its wheels! We take pride in our vehicles, whether it’s a sedan or an SUV and we make sure when they come back from a leasing agreement that they are still in prime condition. This means that you can rest assured that our selection is going to provide you with a car that, although it has had previous drivers, has always been maintained by the watchful eye of our dealership.

For various reasons, customers end up opting out of lease agreement early, which provides Kolar Automotive Group with the opportunity to offer you a current model vehicle at a price that only reflects the mileage or the condition it is in. You’ll be able to get the model you’ve been dreaming of without having to settle for a used version that is many years old. As we mentioned before, you won’t be looking a mystery vehicle -we always include full maintenance reports with our lease returns.

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of the benefits, it’s time to take the next step! Here at Kolar Automotive Group near {location] 54880, we have a dedicated staff that is ready to assist you from beginning to end. Our sales team is knowledgeable in our current selection and our ongoing special offers. If you need help working out your budget, or finding the loan that won’t drown you in debt, our Finance Team wants to build a payment plan that eases the stress of purchasing a lease return. Getting the one-on-one attention you deserve is just a phone call away!

Don’t let your financial situation keep you from getting on the road and enjoying the independence that comes with owning a vehicle. Instead, make Kolar Automotive Group near {location] 54880 your trusted source for lease returns. With our varied selection and commitment to customer service, there’s no better place to go!

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Sales Consultant Jade Giron
Jade Giron
Sales Consultant
Phone: 218-529-1314


Sales Manager Erik Priley
Erik Priley
Sales Manager
Phone: 218-733-0200
Sales Consultant Austen Kolden
Austen Kolden
Sales Consultant
Phone: 218-529-1351
Sales Consultant Erik Yanda
Erik Yanda
Sales Consultant
Phone: 218-529-1355
Sales Consultant Jared Griesenbrock
Jared Griesenbrock
Sales Consultant
Phone: 218-529-1359
Sales Consultant Rick  Saylor
Rick Saylor
Sales Consultant
Phone: 218-529-1352


Sales & Leasing Aaron Adkins
Aaron Adkins
Sales & Leasing
One of Aaron’s life goals is to get a minipig named Chuck Boaris. So if anyone has one… just kidding, he’s waiting for the right time. Aaron has played basketball for most of his life and his love of the game has never dwindled. In fact, he coached a Jr. High boys basketball team for the first time and absolutely loved it. Other than basketball, he dabbles in fishing, but mostly enjoys the boat ride, plays golf but is self professed as “not very good.” Luckily for him, it’s the perseverance that counts.
Sales & Leasing Chris Milczark
Chris Milczark
Sales & Leasing
Chris has been in the car industry for 25 years! He leads our team as one of the most knowledgeable salesmen here. Chris is known for bringing in homemade meals for the staff. You should be warned though, it may be spicy. Chris has two gorgeous cats. Ramsey is an Egyptian Mau and Morymoto, an Oriental Shorthair.
Sales & Leasing David Manos
David Manos
Sales & Leasing
Dave has been with us for almost 17 years. He is wonderful at helping people find the right vehicle that fits all of their needs. He is happily married to his loving wife and together they have three children and six grandchildren. He is fond of spending his time outdoors golfing and fishing. When Dave is indoors he enjoys cooking.
Gabriel Leusman
Sales & Leasing
Sales & Leasing Jack Hunker
Jack Hunker
Sales & Leasing
Jack is a local legend, he has been in the car business for over 50 years and doesn’t plan on stopping yet. He served on the Douglas County Sheriff Department and Douglas County Emergency Ambulance for 13 years, and has developed a lot of great relationships with the people of Superior, Wisconsin. Jack is also a huge classic car enthusiast and has over 80 GM Classic vehicles and continues to grow his collection.
Sales & Leasing Jeremy Fierst
Jeremy Fierst
Sales & Leasing
Jeremy has been selling cars for almost a year. He has 4 kids that he loves very much. He shares his home with 2 cats, Cleo and Boo Boo, and 1 very large dog named Leonidas. Jeremy enjoys spending his time leisurely. boating, swimming, and traveling are some of his favorite past times. Jeremy has a passion for tattoos and sports.
Commercial Specialist  Justin May
Justin May
Commercial Specialist
As one of our Business Elite salesmen, Justin is equipped to handle the most rigorous sales. Before he came to Kolar, he worked as the Director of Strength and Conditioning at the University of Minnesota Duluth for eleven years. If he’s not working or spending time with his beautiful family, you’ll find him on the golf course enjoying the weather and the thrill of the sport. He also enjoys participating in snocross competitions.
Sales & Leasing Karl Howg
Karl Howg
Sales & Leasing
Also known as Karl “Spring” is one of most famous salesmen. He spent 27 years as a meteorologist before, and during, his time here at Kolar. If you come in to talk with him, he could still give you the weather forecast. Karl is happily married and has 4 children that he absolutely adores.
Commercial Specialist  Kevin Holte
Kevin Holte
Commercial Specialist
Kevin knows everything and anything there is to know about trucks. What’s coming in. What’s going out. He’ll know about it. He’s one of our leading commercial specialists here and knows how to work with businesses to find the right vehicle for their trade. If he’s not at Kolar then he’s probably on the lake or spending time with his family.
Sales & Leasing Terry Conner
Terry Conner
Sales & Leasing
Terry is definitely a connoisseur of vehicles. He usually has an answer for all things auto. He has been in the car business for 17 years and even tinkers with vehicles in his free time. One of the things he loves most, is being on the lake. Luckily for him, he lives his life on the lake with his wife and boys (two adorable pomeranians). He enjoys spending his time tearing up the trails on his snowmobile and putting up impressive Christmas decorations.
Sales & Leasing Tom Pederson
Tom Pederson
Sales & Leasing
Come on down to Kolar to get to know Tom a little better!

Kolar Toyota Sales Team

General Manager Damien Chesney
Damien Chesney
General Manager
Direct:218-529-1323 Office:218-733-0100
Executive Consultant David Solon
David Solon
Executive Consultant
New Car Sales Manager Andy Vartmann
Andy Vartmann
New Car Sales Manager
Phone Number: 218-529-1346
Sales Manager Tom  Davis
Tom Davis
Sales Manager
Direct: 218-529-1310 Office: 218-733-0100
Sales Manager Tom Maki
Tom Maki
Sales Manager
Phone: 218-529-1325
Sales Consultant Don  Gustafson
Don Gustafson
Sales Consultant
Direct:218-529-1341 Office:218-733-0100
Sales Consultant Jade Giron
Jade Giron
Sales Consultant
Phone: 218-529-1314
 Sales Consultant Jared  Graun
Jared Graun
Sales Consultant
Phone Number: 218-529-1307
Sales Consultant Jim  McMillion
Jim McMillion
Sales Consultant
Direct:218-529-1308 Office:218-733-0100
 Sales Consultant Mark  Larson
Mark Larson
Sales Consultant
Direct:218-529-1345 Office:218-733-0100
Sales Consultant Neil  Larson
Neil Larson
Sales Consultant
Direct:218-529-1383 Office:218-733-0100
Sales Consultant Sam Clark
Sam Clark
Sales Consultant
Phone: 218-529-1340
 Sales Consultant Steve  Fresacher
Steve Fresacher
Sales Consultant
Direct:218-529-1378 Office:218-733-0100
 Sales Consultant Todd  Abrahamson
Todd Abrahamson
Sales Consultant
Direct:218-529-1379 Office:218-733-0100